About Me

Jarjan, or JJ for short, you may call me either. I am a photographer, creator, traveller, climber, humanitarian, and HR professional, with background in architecture and a mixed Dutch and Czech heritage. Born in Holland, now living in London.

Over the past years I have lived in the Netherlands, India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Nigeria, Ethiopia and now the UK. I have travelled most of western Europe and parts of the US, Australia, Indonesia, Thailand, Laos, Vietnam, the Gambia, India, Nepal and South Africa, amongst other places.

I’m nowhere near done exploring yet (you may notice a glaring hole named South America in my travel diary), there is always more to see and more to discover, more people to meet and cultures to experience. My interests vary from the visual arts and literature to music, from Architecture, building and engineering to humanitarianism and disaster response. I’m most definitely more a socialist than a capitalist.

My phtography is all over the place, there's travel photography, portraits, people, architecture, landscapes and even a few shots I might call street phtography. I'm slowly finding my own style.

If you're interested in my short-form writing please visit jarjan.net for the words on my mind.

On top of the world!
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